Providing specialised advice to progressive farm businesses
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Allan Agricultural Consulting
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Strategic Business Planning
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Specialised advice for progressive farm businesses

Allan Agricultural Consulting Ltd works with farmers to build more robust and profitable farm businesses. We have unique expertise in corporate farming systems and with large-scale properties and also work with smaller farming businesses.

With specialist Sheep, Beef and Deer experience, services range from preparing feed and financial budgets to Strategic and Business Planning and Farm Supervision.

“It may all work well in theory, but it’s the practical implementation of new ideas into your farm system that really counts.”

“Rarely does implementation of wholesale change to a farming system work, usually it is the incremental improvements that show the results”


Allan Agricultural Consulting will help you establish and implement strategies and disciplines that will grow a more robust and profitable farm business for you.
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About Us

Allan Agricultural Consulting Ltd was established in 2008 by Wayne Allan, after gaining unique experience with New Zealand’s largest corporate farmer.
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